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Wales Business Group: Drumming up Business in the Drumlin Area


Established in 2002, the Wales Business Group has been working together for 14 years to improve, and build upon the already strong foundation of The Village of Wales community. With a wide range of members, each bringing their own business experiences and expertise, this knowledgeable group of experts represents local business in The Village of Wales.

Just like the lovely community of Wales, membership is always growing in the Wales Business Group, as it reaches new opportunities, and aids in the growth of its member’s businesses through mutual cooperation. This is the ideal of any great community: a group of people who come together to make their hometown a better place through cooperation and teamwork. Some of the noteworthy members include ‘The Village of Wales’, and ‘The Kettle Moraine School district’. Networking opportunities help each member grow their own business, while simultaneously benefiting the entire community. In this way, membership is a reciprocal process, which helps everyone involved, including the community as a whole. As an added bonus, membership is completely free! The group meets once a month, so membership won’t eat up too much of your time either.

So if you live in or near The Village of Wales, contact the Wales Business Group today and find out what they can do for you (and what you can do for them)!



By: Charles J. Smart

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