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52 Miles of Smiles

Glacial Drumlin Trail

                                                                                                                                                                                       Photo Credit: Prism Photography

Surrounded by local businesses, homes, and schools, the Glacial Drumlin State Trail winds its way through the heart of The Village of Wales. Whether you like to bike, hike, rollerblade, walk, or run, the Glacial Drumlin trail has something for you. Enjoy breathtaking scenery including woods, farmlands, and prairie, all located locally on the 52 miles of beautiful trail.

For $5 a day, or $25 a year, you can have a pass for cycling, and roller balding. Walkers, runners, or children, get unlimited, free access as well! With local businesses like “Mama D’s” right along the trail, you can stop for coffee, or a snack, and make a whole day of riding or walking this gorgeous trail.

In addition to the 52 miles of quality, paved trail, the Glacial Drumlin State Trail also connects to other local bike trails, such as Waukesha’s Fox River trails, meaning you could ride for miles upon miles from your backdoor. The trail itself runs from Cottage Grove, all the way to the Fox River Sanctuary, with countless scenic views along the way.

Come to Wales for the trails, and stay for the wonderful community.


By: Charles J. Smart

Photo Credit: Prism Photography

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